6 Iconic British Bow Tie Wearers

We love receiving photos of our Custom Made Medals being awarded at special events. Every time we get a new picture through from a happy customer, we’re inevitably impressed by just how well you and your worthy recipients scrub up. Dinner jackets, Tuxedos, cummerbunds, bow ties, you lot certainly know how to look your best for special occasions. To give you a little extra style inspiration, we’ve put together a few iconic wearers of that inescapably suave accessory The Bow Tie.

1. 007, James Bond

Bond, James Bond absolutely has be the very first bow-tied gentleman on our list. This international man’s man, woman’s man and man about town personifies the type of suave masculinity which is nothing unless it is topped off with a bow tie, some derring do and a stiff upper lip. The various Bond’s have worn a number of bow tie styles over the decades, but we particularly like this sharp, black, vintage number. Shaken, not stirred, if you please.

2. Matt Smith’s Doctor Who

If a television series has ever encapsulated British silliness and dapperness simultaneously, it is Doctor Who. Peter Capaldi may be taking on the role, but former Doctor Matt Smith’s bow tie was the perfect accessory for a timelord romping through time and space. Choose a nice burgundy option and wear with plenty of tweed to emulate the look.

3. Charlie Chaplin

Though his iconic character The Little Tramp may have sported a longer, conventional and somewhat scruffy tie, but Chaplin himself favoured a neat bow tie – the perfect sophisticated counterpoint to his charming down-at-heel character.

4. Winston Churchill

Perhaps the most serious gentleman on our list and certainly the most deeply respected. Churchill may be one of the most venerable, towering political figures in British history, but his penchant for a patterned bow tie spoke volumes about his lighter side. I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly, indeed.

5. Sir Patrick Moore

Image: The Times

The great astronomer Sir Patrick Moore certainly had a predilection for eccentric accessories. The Sky at Night star sported a monocle and a very dapper bow tie throughout his career.

6. Mike Hawthorne

Image: sportscars.tv

Throughout the 1950s, racing driver Mike Hawthorne cut a stylish figure in the world of motorsports, becoming the first British man to reach the heights of Formula One world champion. His snazzy sense of style was unusual among his competitors, making him a true bow tie icon.