Littleton Colliery Replica Mining Tokens

Littleton Colliery Replica Mining Tokens

10 Years ago Littleton Colliery featured as the focus in the Guardian article “Littleton Miners: What happened next?” It looked at what had happened in the 15 years since the closure of Littleton Colliery, it’s impact on the workers and where they were now. Many workers had been left devastated at the time, many found other professions, some forced to move away, however the community of miners remained strong and does to this day with many ex-miners and their families working together to preserve the history of the Colliery. In April 2018 we created the “Littleton Colliery Commemorative Coin” for Littleton Colliery Shaft Marker Committee. The coin was created to mark the 25th anniversary year of the closure of the Staffordshire based Colliery and were then sold to the mining community to raise funds towards erecting stone makers to stand on the site of the old shafts and inscribed with information about the colliery. The coins were a huge success and Medals UK were since commissioned to create replica mining tokens also known as pit checks.

The mining tokens are brass holed discs with the colliery name and the miners’ unique number at that pit stamped on it. During the pits working days, the token would be handed into the Lamp Room when the miner collected his lamp where it would be hung on a board.  It doubled both as a time check and a roll call system in the case of accidents, hence the being given the name “checks”.

Mining tokens or Pit Checks are now extremely collectable and for many ex-miners, their families and friends they serve as wonderful pieces of memorabilia and a physical representation of their ties to their pit. Littleton Colliery Shaft Marker Committee recognized the significance of the miners tokens and asked us to create replicas of the Littleton Colliery checks which will be sold to raise further money for the Shaft Markers as with the Littleton Colliery Commemorative Coin.

The replica checks/mining tokens are gold in colour with a polished finish. They are produced in both square and round shape and measure 32mm. Each token displays the name of the colliery, and the initials ‘NCB’ for ‘National Coal Board.’ The centre has been left blank for Littleton Colliery Shaft Marker Committee to stamp individual miners’ numbers as required – as would have happened with the originals.

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