9 Foods Brits Can’t Live Without

When it comes to eating habits, we Brits are a strange bunch, we go abroad and crave home foods, we idolise our favourite food brands and even decorate our homes with adverts of our food nostalgia. So what are those foods Brits can’t live without.


Foods Brits cant live without | Green Cermaic Tea Service with kettle and tea cups on a tray

First on the list is a really historical British institution. Yep, its tea. We Brits have a real fascination with tea to the point where many an office kitchen can be found buckling under the weight of hundreds of variations of herbal and fruit teas. Of course, English Breakfast Tea is the best of all of them, and there really is something very quintessentially British about a tea tray in the morning.

Roast Dinner

9 Foods Brits can't live without | Roast Dinner

The only thing that should be eaten for Sunday lunch as far as most British food lovers are concerned, the Sunday Roast Dinner is an important part if the family unit. We won’t get into an argument about what meats are the best, although its always Christmas at Turkey, but Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Puddings and Vegetables are a must.

Victoria Sponge

Foods Brits can't live without | Victoria Sponge

Could it get any more quintessentially British then Victoria Sponge Cake. The answer is no, probably not. Just watch an episode of Downton Abbey and see what cake they take with their afternoon tea (another British institution). Buttercream and Jam in the middle with a sprinkling of icing sugar on the top, oh yes, it doesn’t get much better then that.


Foods Brits can't live without | curry

We’re not necessarily talking authentic curry from a michelin-star curry house here, although it is delicious. No, we’re more than happy to include that warmed up takeaway curry from the local supermarket or a Friday night curry at the local pub, who realistically have no right to call said dish a curry. And if we’re talking a lads night out, the local curry house is always an important port of call.

Full English Breakfast

Foods Brits can't live without | Full English Breakfast

Nothing better to set you up for the day then a proper Full English Breakfast, and there is nowhere else in the world that can quite get it right then Britain. None of that streaky, crispy bacon nonsense and we won’t hear a word about the joys of a continental breakfast.

Bourbon Biscuits

Food's Brits can't live without | Bourbon Biscuits

Is there a better biscuit in the world? We think not. If there is one thing we Brits do better than everyone else, it is biscuits and we are totally spoilt…Digestives, Custard Creams, Fig Rolls, but Bourbons are the best of all of them, bar none. We all love a bit of chocolate and no chocolate biscuits gets our juices flowing like a Bourbon biscuit. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.


Foods Brits can't live without | Cheese and grapes

We’ve often found that what many visiting Americans love most about British food is our selection of delicious cheeses, and they’re right, Britain has an amazing selection of cheeses that no other country even comes close to replicating. Wallace and Gromit went all the way to the moon to find cheese and they still couldn’t top their precious Wensleydale, finding only a vicious robot…but we’re getting off point here, go to any country in the world and you will experience the epidemic that is cheese envy.


Foods Brits can't live without | Marmite

Some people (author included) cannot stand the taste of Marmite, but true to their advertising campaign, some of us Brits absolutely love it, and you simply cannot get it anywhere else in the world. People actually miss the taste of marmite whilst on holiday so much that they’ll actually pack themselves a jar.

Fish & Chips

Foods Brits can't live without | Fish and chips on a plate

And so we come to the King of the British food institution. Recently voted as Britain’s best meal, chip shop fish and chips simply cannot be beaten. Other countries have tried, but nowhere in the world can quite match the unforgettable taste of a cod and chips in paper, straight from the chip shop fryer. Fish & chips also has the dubious title of being the best smell in the world when you’re hungry, but decidedly less delicious smelling when you couldn’t eat another thing.’