Rowing our way to County Down with Skiffle World Championship Medals


Have you ever thought about building your own boat and taking to the water whenever the mood suits? Well that’s just what the competitors in this year’s Skiffle World Championships have done! And yes you’ve guessed it we’ve produced the Skiffle World Championship Medals for the event.

In 2010 The Scottish Coastal Rowing Association (SCRA)  was formed to encourage boat building and racing of coastal rowing boats around the Hebridean Coastline. Communities were encouraged to build their own boats, which were principally a type of rowing boat called the St Ayles skiff.

Boat building and regattas are now prominent all around the Scottish Coast as thousands of people from the local communities have embraced the teamwork and camaraderie involved in building and racing skiffs. The concept has been a remarkable success and communities from across the world have built and now row St Ayles skiffs, including groups from Canada, New Zealand, Spain and England. There are now thought to be 130 skiffs in existence, with more being built every month.

The Skiffle World Championships is a colourful, friendly and exciting celebration of this competitive coastal rowing. This year’s Skiffieworlds will be held from 25-30 July 2016 at Delamont Country Park and are being hosted by the Strangford Lough and Lecale Partnership (SLLP), working closely with the SCRA and local councils and communities along the County Down Coast. 1,000 competitors in approximately 50 boats from as far afield as the United States and Tasmania will battle it out in the 2016 event for our Skiffle World Championship Medals.

full programme of onshore activities  is also planned across the weeklong event to showcase the race and celebrate the communities’ maritime heritage. From boat building, to tall boat sailing and a marine-life mini beasts discovery event, as well as an Artisan Food Fair, which celebrates Northern Ireland’s ‘Year of Food and Drink’ will ensure that visitors and participants enjoy jam-packed days. And of course the pièce de résistance will be the winner’s ceremony when participants will be awarded the beautifully custom made medals produced by us. The Skiffle World Championship Medals have been produced in gold, silver and bronze, measure 38mm and feature a bright, minted finish.

To be honest we’re all pretty gutted that we can’t get over to Northern Ireland to enjoy the races, the Guinness and the craic, which will undoubtedly accompany the event, and of course see our bespoke medals being proudly displayed. We wish all the participants the very best of luck, and we have no doubt that everyone who attends will have an amazing time! We look forward to seeing and sharing the piccies in the coming weeks.

Robbie Wightman, SCRA, Newry, Mourne & Down DC's Naomi Bailie; Mayor of Ards & North Down BC Alderman Alan Graham; & Isabel Hood, SLLP prepare for the 2016 Skiffleworlds in County Down. (c) SCRA

Robbie Wightman, SCRA, Newry, Mourne & Down DC’s Naomi Bailie; Mayor of Ards & North Down BC Alderman Alan Graham; & Isabel Hood, SLLP prepare for the 2016 Skiffleworlds in County Down. (c) SCRA

The Championship Course at Strongford Lough where 2016’s Skiffle World Championships are being held.

Skiffleworlds Winners Medals - 38mm Bronze Minted Bright Sports Pendant for 2016 event reverse

Medals UK have produced the Skiffle World Championship Medals for the 2016 event

St Ayles Skiffs will be raced for the Skiffle World Championship Medals in the Skiffleworlds 2016

County Down rowers battling it out in St Ayles Skiffs in the Narrow Challenges, prior to the Worldskiffles


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