9 of the Weirdest Trophies You’ve Ever Seen

“Err…thanks?” is the only thing you’d have to say if you were awarded one of these 9 weirdest trophies. If you’re here to create custom made medals to celebrate successes, these very peculiar trophies should give you some weird inspiration and some pointers probably about what not to make…

1. The Acapulco Open tennis trophy


Image: blog.tennistours.com

Here’s Raphael Nadal eating a giant silver pear embedded with a golden tennis ball. The Acapulco Open trophy is a surreal object. What says world class tennis quite like a humongous pear?

2. Chevron World Challenge trophy

Chevron World Challenge Trophy held by Tiger Woods


This is going to look just lovely on any mantelpiece. The Chevron World Challenge trophy walks that delightful line between totally nonsensical and overwhelmingly kitsch.

3. Boeing Classic Š—“OrbŠ—

Boeing Classic


We absolutely love this enigmatic orb, awarded to the winner of the Boeing Classic. Not only does it speak volumes about the competition, you’ll also be able to see what the future has in store for your sporting career.

4. Paris-Roubaix Cobblestone

Paris Roubaix


Designed to represent the torturous cobbled section of this historic cycling competition, the Paris-Roubaix trophy is, well…it’s just a big stone.

5. Dubai Duty Free Tennis ATP Championship Trophy

5. Dubai


You’d have to literally Š—“sail to victoryŠ— to really get this trophy awarded in notoriously extravagant Dubai. You’re also going to need a much bigger trophy case to accommodate this massive silver ship.

6. NASCAR Bass Pro Shops



If you believe that bigger is better, the great big bear awarded for winning NASCAR’s Bass Pro Shops competition is going to be right up your street. Grr.

7. MTV Millennial Awards



Weird trophies aren’t restricted to the world of sport. Take a look at these strange, rubbery, fuscia coloured cats that were handed out at MTV’s Millennial Awards in Mexico City.

8. West Indian One Day Series Trophy

T20 trophy


Is it a DNA helix? Is it a lumpy hourglass? It’s impossible to tell, but we’re sure that whoever wins this very attractive cricketing trophy will keep it in pride of place.

9. The Castello Masters trophy

9. Castello


What’s not to love about the Castello Masters trophy? Seemingly totally irrelevant? Check. Utterly and heinously ugly? Check. This is the perfect award to make a winner feel really special.

Do you have a special custom made medal or award in mind to help you celebrate your winners? We’d love to hear about your big ideas Š—– especially if they’re a little Š—“out of the boxŠ—! Share your plans with our readers below or email us some pics of your weird trophies at info@ukmedals.co.uk